Professional Training Internships

Are you studying a training cycle in maintenance, mechatronics, production, welding,... and would you like to continue learning?

At Orona we are more than 5,400 people and we want to continue growing with you. We are committed to your practical training. We tutor your learning to make you a great professional at the hands of our expert teams in the manufacture, maintenance and upkeep of lifting devices

University study/work alternation

Are you studying engineering and want to combine classes with periods in the company? At Orona we make it easy for you. We have been tutoring work-study programs for more than 20 years so that you can continue learning and have the opportunity to contribute in your areas of interest.
Train in a highly qualified innovative environment, where personal relationships are based on trust, collaboration and closeness.

We are looking for dynamic, proactive and autonomous people willing to participate in technological projects.


End of degree projects / end of master's degree

Did you know that there are 300,000 Orona lifts in the world with their own technology?

And it is a number that continues to grow. If solving technological challenges motivates you, this is your opportunity.

At Orona we offer you a unique learning environment, where you can contribute to solving real challenges in our day-to-day lives.

Carry out your TFG or TFM in engineering at Orona and be part of an innovative organization that is undergoing permanent transformation in which we develop our own technology applied to efficient and sustainable solutions.

Other programs

Are you studying and want to start learning about the world of real business?

We want to meet you. Request internships, present your CV and show all your talent.

Do not forget to indicate the specific period and/or calendar of your internship as well as your areas of interest, so that we can assess your proposal.